VEG is a culmination of over twenty years of cooking and celebration of food and healthy living by Suleka Sun-Lindley, owner and chef of Thai Basil restaurant and Veg Cafe.

Grew up in family restaurants since Suleka was twelve, she watched her mother and her aunts picked fresh produce from local farmers and cooked them with so much respect and caring for food has been her foundation of 'Cooking with Joy and Passion' 

Suleka has completed 'Culinary Enrichment and Innovation Program - Continuing Education for Best in Class Chefs' sponsored by CIA The Culinary Institute of America in 2016

Suleka has combined her appreciation for traditional cooking, Ayurveda philosophy of "Mindful Eating" and her passion for food from different cuisines by bringing you honest food that prepared with positive intention, using seasonal and local produce combine with spices from around the world that not only enhance the flavor but also offer amazing health benefits.

With a B.S. degree in Environmental Science from UC Davis, Suleka is a strong believer in conservation of our natural resources and protect our environment. She has incorporates this belief to everyday mindful practice of running both of her restaurants by minimize waste, recycle, restore and repurpose when possible.

Both Thai Basil restaurant and Veg Cafe were awarded as "Sustainable Business of the Year" by Sacramento Area Sustainable Businesses - Sacramento County in 2016 & 2017. 

Simple ways of

Mindful Cooking & Eating

"Food - Buy or Grow it with Thought, 

Cook it with Care, Serve it with Love, 

Use less Wheat & No Meat,

Buy local and seasonal, Eat just enough, 

Use what is left, Waste None..."

Essential Practices to Maintain 

Good Health

Proper Diet & Digestive Health 

reduces risk of chronic diseases, improves overall health, well being and happiness

Proper Exercise

improves mental health and strengthen of bones and muscles

Proper Rest and Relaxation 

helps restore body's energy, repair damaged tissues and promote growth. Meditation when practiced regularly relieves stress and anxiety as well as improve immune and cardiovascular system. 

Positive Thinking

reduces stress, lower rates of depression and increase life span. Better psychological and physical well-being. Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Why Plant-Based?

Good food should be delicious!!

Should be beneficial to heath and well being.

By consuming ingredients that are seasonal, it's not only better for our heath, but it also promotes a balance with both earth's resources and its life forms. Seasonal food from local area ensure optimum immunity support and function while fueling our bodies.

It's a true gift from nature throughout the years that we get to experience different flavors each season. It is the cleanse, light, satisfied and yet energized sensations after each plant based meal. It's the most sustainable way to maintain good health of all beings and this planet we call Earth, our home.

Switching to a plant-based diet not only benefits your health, such as: lower the risk and reduce symptoms of certain chronic diseases — it's known to help protect the environment, as well.

Plant-based diets emphasizing local ingredients are more environmentally friendly than diets that rely heavily on mass-produced animal products and produce

Our Partners

We're proud to support local non-profit organizations such as GRAS - Resoil Sac to help promote Sacramento to be sustainable through composting & recycle program with our pre-consumed kitchen green waste

Veg has  participant in annual Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge to promote vegan awareness in Sacramento area and its surroundings and is a winner for BEST VEGAN BURGER BATTLE in 2018

Veg was awarded "Sustainable Business of the Year" 2018 by Sacramento County for water conservation practice

Our chef/owner, Suleka Sun-Lindley, has participated in "America's Farm-To-Fork Capital" events 

organized by Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2015 - 2016

Our Partners

Small & Local

Like us, our partners are local purveyors who are passionate about producing high quality products.

Zeal Kombucha, Sugar Plum Vegan Bakery and Conscious Creamery  are local in Sacramento, 

Crafted teas by Kitchen Witch Gourmet is in Lodi, Ca. 

Learn more about our partners, click on each image to link to their websites. 

We appreciate your support of small & local businesses.